Doom and Gloom

Posted January 15, 2007 by Lewis
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No, it’s not the performance of the England cricket team, it’s the value of our stocks.
Northeast has bounced up a touch, now up 14% – it’s not been bad at all really – and Vision Energy is doing nicely at over 48% up.

Sadly everything else is losing money and we’re 14% down. So, like all bad gamblers, I’m adding another one. Primarily because I got such a great selling mail! So here it is: Homeland Sfty (suggested slogan: “Neo-Conservative ‘Patriotic’ Fascism Nationalism for the Masses”) – at just $0.09 each I’m having a nice round 1111.

Why this, then? Well, “Homeland Security is the biggest and fastest growing business in the economic world.” Well, in America anyway. Homeland Safety International, Inc. engages in the manufacture and marketing of bomb detection devices. Sounds like a good idea. I’d better get one for the garage of my house in deepest Oregon, you never know when that Oh-summa Bin Laddin’s gonna call round.

“The company also has selling agreements for other products that are related to the war on terror, including Flashcam; Thermalcam; and bio-terror chemical products that destroy viruses and bacteria from anthrax to Bird Flu. The company was founded in 2004 as Sniffex, Inc. and changed its name to Homeland Safety International, Inc. in September 2006.” Maybe I’m cynical, but I call that opportunism. I like that in a poxy little company that I’m proposing to pretend to invest $100 in. I love the name ‘Sniffex’ though…

Full details here. No, actually they’re here. Oops.


Happy New Year!

Posted January 4, 2007 by Lewis
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It’s not a happy new year for our chosen stocks though. Northeast was doing so well – now back to exactly the price it started at. (Now that’s a touch suspicious…) PHYA continues to be sold enthusiastically about five times a day in my inbox: still nearly 25% down on where it was; TEN&10 is even worse at exactly half the buy price.

Only Vision Energy continues to be a winner: now 77% up.

Time for some new stocks: Wild Brush Energy was heavily advertised in my spam during the holidays and yesterday’s close was the lowest for a few days: 2173 of those ‘bought’ at $0.046. Then, just as I was writing this, Christy Anabella came and recommended Art4Love Inc. “All signs show that ALVN is going to Explode! DON’T EVEN BLINK! BUY CHEAP, SELL HIGH !!!!” How can I refuse. 172 of those at $0.58.

Total spend so far is nearly $700 including the new buys and the current value is just over $680, so we’re down 2.41% in total. However, it’s not so bad… we could have invested in Ebay, which between 18 December and last night lost 6.94%… 🙂

Full details here.

After a while I might change the plan and see whether a system of selling stocks at certain limits (to cash in on gains, or cut losses) might bear fruit. We’ll see…

End of year update

Posted December 29, 2006 by Lewis
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Latest prices are here.

Basically, Northeast Dev is streaking away; now 71% up, and Vision Energy is also up 45%. Total is up 5.45%, which isn’t bad really.

In other news, by fluke I caught a discussion about spam on the radio last night: apparently mails like the ones I’m using are called ‘pump and dump’ mails. Amusing name, I thought – it’s based on the stocks being ‘pumped’ – promoted – and then ‘dumped’ – sold by the spammer after the price has risen due to their promotion, which gives them a profit. I’m still sceptical, but we’ll see…

All going nicely…

Posted December 22, 2006 by Lewis
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Yesterday’s new stock ‘Critical Care’ is up 25%. Nice. Shame about TEN&10 and Physicians Adult, they’re both rubbish. You win some, you lose some. Still up nearly 10% though… Can’t complain.

Full details.

Spam Portfolio will take a break, along with the stock markets, for the Christmas holidays. Back next week. 🙂

Day 3

Posted December 21, 2006 by Lewis
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Interesting moves already. Vision Energy is up 57.14%, that’s exactly $57 profit. NHVP has risen almost 43%, from $99.96 up to $142.80. Great news.
OK, so it’s not all perfect – TEN&10 is down 35% and PHYA down 5%, but we’re still up almost 12% in total.

Time to add another stock! Critical Care (CTCX) is shortly to open a state of the art medical facility specialising in obesity, diabetes, kidney disease and drug and alcohol related medicine and treatment. What a great time to invest! :p It closed at $1.14 last night, so we’ll have 87 of them. Onwards and upwards!

Full details here.

The First Stocks

Posted December 19, 2006 by Lewis
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A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first.

Click here for the list.

The first four stocks have been chosen. They are Northeast Dev, picked by my good friend Angel Ortega; TEN&10, a suggestion by Davine Knox; Physicians Adult put forward by Shawna Lambert; and Vision Energy from the mysterious ‘responses before’. As you can see in the image, I’ll round off the number of stocks I’m buying to a round number – it’s scientific, this – so the money spent each time won’t be exactly $100.

I must say I’m quite excited about my virtual portfolio. TEN & 10 has, according to my tip, “grown from China business focus to USA, Europe, Latin America as well as other areas of Asia. Within 12 months expected to generate $2 MILLION in NET INCOME. $200 MILLION in 5 years”. Wow, I’m onto a winner here! 😉 Mind you, Vision Energy is confidently predicting 370% gain this week – we should make so many virtual dollars I’ll be able to virtually buy a virtual Ferrari!

So, let’s sit back and watch…

Please note that nothing in this entire blog should be constituted as financial advice. “Facts” and comments pasted from the tips may or may not be accurate. I’m not actually investing in these stocks. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Cold weather approaching from the west, hill fog and rain later.

Spam. It’s a complete waste of time. Or is it?

Posted December 19, 2006 by Lewis
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I get somewhere around 200 spam mails a day in my work email account. The usual: cheap drugs to improve my ‘performance’, invitations to apply for credit or university degrees, offers of cheap watches, banks that I don’t have an account with asking me for my personal details… and recently, lots and lots of ‘stock picks’.

Now, these last ones are a bit interesting to me. Because, as it happens, I work with stock market data, in the City of London, and have access to a pretty much unlimited supply of information on any stock worldwide. Surely you can’t actually make money by following these tips?

So I’ve decided to find out. Every few days, I’ll ‘buy’ $100 of some stocks recommended by my email; and see how they do. Most of the tips if not all are for stocks listed on the ‘pink sheets’ market – these are usually very small stocks and not very liquid, so for valuation purposes, I’ll be using the close price of the previous day.

Finally: this has nothing whatsoever to do with Hormel, Inc. However, I’m a great fan of their range of produce.